First Azerbaijani "Ironwoman"

Since 2018 “Triterra Baku Triathlon Club" has been working on improvement and development of amateur triathlon in our country as well as on increasing interest in this sport in general. The club with its highly qualified and professional coaching team, contributes to the training of amateur sportsmen of different age groups and worthy representation of our country at international contests.

Aiming popularization of Ironman competition in Azerbaijan, particularly among women, “Triterra Baku Triathlon Club” together with the leading corporate bank of the country PASHA Bank, will support the struggle for the title of the first Azerbaijani “Ironwoman".

Within the frames of the Ironman competition, the participants will compete in swimming, cycling and marathon running. PASHA Bank will provide a reward of 10,000 manats to a participant who will represent Azerbaijan at the official Ironman competition, and win the title of “Ironwoman" by completing the distance first.

According to the conditions of the competition, it is necessary to go through 4 km of open water swimming, 180.25 km cycling and 42.20 km marathon running in 17 hours nonstop.

Anyone can take part in the preparation process. During individual or group programs organized by the club, the professional trainers will provide participants with all the information necessary to overcome the distance.

By supporting this competition, PASHA Bank wants to inspire women to believe in themselves and conquer new heights. PASHA Bank encourages all women, regardless of their level of physical fitness or social status, to reveal their potential and take part in this competition.

PASHA Bank has supported a number of initiatives aimed at empowering women in society. Thus, PASHA Bank has supported the “Scale Up" project for women entrepreneurs and “womENcourage" for women who want to pursue careers in computer science. Additionally, PASHA Bank is a permanent partner of the “S.H.E.- international women's congress for women leaders”.

* The participant must be a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

* The participant must not be an active professional athlete (sport must not be the main activity of the participant and for this she must not receive a salary on a permanent basis according to the contract), and must also not be a member of sports clubs on a contract basis.

* The participant must perform at the official competition "Ironman" on behalf of the Republic of Azerbaijan, be the first to overcome the distance and win the title "Ironman".

* All financial expenses associated with preparation for participation in the competition (training), equipment, obtaining the necessary permits (visas for leaving or entering the country of the competition), medical expenses, transport costs, payment for participation in competitions and other expenses are paid by those who wish to compete for the «Ironman» title.