Pasha Bank - Ironman: "How to become an iron man". Interview with the founder of Triterra Baku Triathlon Club Rufat Hasanov


-        Can you talk about the Ironwoman project?


-        Ironwoman project is a joint initiative of the country's leading corporate financial institution PASHA Bank, and the amateur triathlon club Triterra. The project, aimed at supporting the woman empowerment, also focuses on popularizing the direction of the Ironman triathlon in our country. I am sure that many sport fans and former professional athletes want not only to cover the distance, but also to win the Ironwoman title for the first time in the history of Azerbaijan. Therefore, we decided to support the struggle for this title and draw public attention to this project.


-        What is Ironman?


-        Ironman consists of three stages: 3.86 km swimming, 180.25 km bicycle ride and 42. 195 km marathon run. Being the longest triathlon distance, Ironman is considered as the most difficult competition among other sports. According to statistics, the vast majority of participants are from the most developed countries of the world, as this amateur sport is more popular in these countries. Unfortunately, our compatriots are not well-informed on this sport. So far, only a few Azerbaijanis have succedeed to win the Ironman title. For that reason we wanted to encourage women to participate in this competition.



-        What is the preparation process for the Ironman distance?


-        The training process consists of exercises for each sport that constitutes a triathlon. This includes swimming, cycling, running. Preparation for the Ironman distance requires a great determination, discipline and leading healthy lifestyle.


-        Is it possible to prepare for the distance on your own, or is it necessary to contact a trainer?


-        You can do it both independently and under the guidance of a professional trainer. In order to train on your own, you can purchase a program that is designed for a long period of time and follow this program on a daily basis. Of course, it is much more difficult than working with a trainer who makes the program on a weekly basis, tracks progress and adjusts workouts.


-        Do you need any equipment to start exercising? 


-        Yes, triathlon is a sport that requires some investment. In order to compete you need to have a road bike, wetsuit, GPS watch and you also need to have a training machine Smart Trainer. You can google for more detailed information about the necessary equipment for this competition.


-        How long does it take to prepare for an Ironman competition?


-        The training period for an average amateur athlete can take 12-18 months.


-        What role does Triterra play in this project?


-        Our club was created to promote the Ironman distance in Azerbaijan and have been conducting professional trainings for those who want to overcome this distance.


-        What would you advise to those who want to start preparing for the Ironman competition?


-        I would recommend starting with relatively easy workouts. Do not rush to buy expensive equipment to swim, ride a bike and get ready to run. You can test yourself by taking a certain period of 2-3 months and start only jogging. This will prepare your cardiovascular system and you will know how much time you can spend on training according to your schedule. Strive to run at least 10-15 km in three months. If you can train on a regular basis both physically and mentally, then you can prepare for the Ironman race. Believe in yourself. No matter how difficult it may be, one day you will reach the finish line of this distance and hear the phrase You're an Ironman!”, and you will realize that it was worth going through all the challenges.


Good luck to all participants!